The Majority of our Training is custom designed for each of our clients and their needs.  Here's is a list of various training programs and topics. Our experts will work with you to access needs and create a SPECIFIC program for your company/organization that meets the goals and objectives you identify.

1. Sales Improvement and Performance

Sales drives business success and there is no more important function in your organization. Like elite athletes, top sales professionals are ALWAYS looking to improve - to find an edge. Our Team at Strive has EXTENSIVE experience helping B2B and B2C sales organizations reach peak performance and smash sales quotas.

2. Effective Team Communication
Effective team communication is crucial for successful team collaboration and goal alignment. Team communication training focuses on verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication. It allows team members to experience first-hand how well people receive their ideas and improve further. 
This training offers multiple benefits such as team building, increased productivity, and efficient problem-solving. Your team members will also be able to resolve conflicts better and send out effective business communication in emails and messages.

3. Project Management
Project management is a skill required at every level of an organization, and organizations should train all employees in the basics of project management at least once. After implementing a project management training program, you can expect your employees to deliver efficiently on vital business goals, as well as becoming more organized workers.

4. The Power of Negotiation
Negotiation is a difficult skill and can be mastered over time with practice. Negotiation training programs allow employees to practice negotiation in an environment where stakes are low and learn how to be influential without clouding their judgment. 
An effective negotiator brings a sense of power to the table and drives the conversation in their favor. Negotiation is a highly crucial skill set in situations like third-party collaborations, partnerships, and sales organizations.

5. Conflict Resolution
Workplace conflicts reduce productivity and lead to poor workplace satisfaction if not resolved in time. Training such as these becomes a mandate to empower employees to solve their differences without escalations and third-party mediations. A conflict resolution training program allows employees to fill their interpersonal skills gap and take responsibility for their behavior. It also helps them recognize conflicts early on before they become an issue.

6. Effective Time Management
Time is the most valuable resource to organizations, and with employees juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, it becomes essential to train employees on effective time management. There are instances when employees might fail to prioritize their work, leading to missed deadlines and stress. Time management training program teaches employees to prioritize multiple tasks without falling behind on the assigned deadlines.

7. Closing the Sale
Sales is the revenue generation department for an organization, and every lost deal costs an organization revenue. Sales training programs can go a long way in teaching entry-level sales employees negotiation, objection handling, and practical decision-making skills.

8. Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence is instrumental in an individual’s success, and a training program for developing emotional intelligence can provide your leadership team with the emotional skills to become better leaders. By training your leaders to be emotionally intelligent, you make them self-aware and improve their levels of compassion. These training programs will positively modify their daily interactions by forming more meaningful relationships and collaborations.

9. Unconscious Bias Training
People have unintentional biases towards others and can unknowingly cultivate certain work habits and prejudices, leading to managers treating employees differently in terms of opportunities at the workplace. An unconscious bias training program can help managers be more self-aware and reflective while making important decisions. It will reduce the incidents of favoritism and provide every employee with a fair work environment to grow.

10. Compliance Training
Compliance training is an industry-specific new employee training mandated by legislation or regulatory bodies to familiarize employees with regulations and laws that govern an organization or a particular job role. These training initiatives are mandatory to minimize risk, ensure workplace safety, and improve the overall work environment for employees.

11. Effective Decision Making
Decision-making often becomes difficult when your managers are in a tight spot. Therefore, you need to train them for effective decision-making in a safe and low-risk environment.  With well-designed decision-making training, you can delegate more decisions and be confident that you can rely on your managers to make informed decisions in crucial situations.

12. Habits for Productive Remote Work
Habits for productive remote work are crucial training programs to consider post-pandemic as many organizations are moving to a fully remote or hybrid workplace model. It is tactical training required for the emotional and mental well-being of employees. It will ensure that your remote employees successfully overcome the distractions and anxiety caused by work from home and still manage to be productive daily. At the same time, there are also training programs aimed at managers and leaders, providing insights on how to manage a remote workforce.

13. Training for Impactful Presentations
With online events gaining popularity, impactful presentations become even more criti​​cal. Those few minutes on a Zoom or Webex call is all that you have to dazzle your clients or get a point across to your team members. Therefore, organizations must invest in training their employees on making useful presentations. 
This training program offers more than just polishing presentation skills. It boosts your employees’ confidence, assuring you that they can represent your organization well at all the forums and opportunities. 

14. Stress Management
Current work schedules can often stress your employees, resulting in a decline in their productivity. Amidst stressful situations such as the on-going pandemic, it is crucial to help your workforce keep their stress levels low. Effective stress management training programs will result in your employees being happy and productive at the same time. It also allows managers to empathize with their team member’s condition and provide him all the necessary support.

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